The Greater Pittsburgh area's premier vocally driven power trio!!!

  GumBand was launched ten years ago, after co-founding member, Bob Snyder decided to finally settle in Pittsburgh after nearly 30 years on the road--both in his own bands as guitarist/bassist and singer--and as tour manager for several internationally touring artists.  We strive to maintain that level of quality and professionalism.  He's had Don Thompson (bassist/singer) at his side for over five years now and with the recent hiring of our latest member (Joey DeSimone) on drums, we are ready to continue what has been a proud tradition.  And since Joey and Don played together years ago in "Badd Newz", it is a reunion of sorts--a "homecoming", if you will.

 We refer to ourselves as "the greater Pittsburgh area's premier vocally driven power trio"--partially as self-effacing humor (since we might be the ONLY vocally driven power trio in town), but also to emphasize the fact that we all sing--lead and harmony vocals--early and often.  With three strong singers, we end up sounding a lot "fuller" than many four and five-piece bands.  See for yourself!

 And unlike many local bands or "weekend warriors", we pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of professionalism.  So, we won't be starting late, finishing early, drinking on stage (or at all, for the most part), playing too loud (or arguing with you or your staff about it)--in short, we're here to work WITH you.  This is our living, not a hobby or sideline--and you will recognize the difference.